27 May 2011

My Lullaby :')


Today nak share satu lagu, which my sis yg kenalkan lagu nie :D thx along...

Tajuk dia Harder than easy by Jack Savoretti. Ermm mase first dengar, rase cam lagu nie, biase2 je. Tapi bila dah dengar over, and over again, rase lagu nie best sebab mempunyai maksud yang mendalam,huuu...

Antara lirik dia yang sy sangat sukaaaaa...

"But the difference is, i don't judge you"

"Sing me a love song
I'm your man,
I will always love you
The best i can :')"

"At the end of the day when you're lonely
After begging to be left alone
You can look at this world as your kingdom
If you want you can make me your home"

"Hold me close, don't let me go, I will always love you the most"

And part last skali, ade perempuan nyanyi... which also one of my favourite...

"Sing me a love song,
You're my man,
Will you always love me the best you can?"

What do you think about this song?? Cool? For me such a beautiful words :')

Btw sebab lagu nie sangat merdu :p, sebelum tido dengar jap as for this week, it's my lullaby :D

Do enjoy the song!!!

And, sebelum tido, ingat ye, pas dengar lagu, n buat ape yang patut... bace ayat kursi, al-fatihah, mengucap sume, selawat dan lastly barula tido... Selamat beramal :D

K la,

Till we meet again,

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nape x adjust header tu elOk2..hehe..

..budaq kampus..