23 July 2010

My Camera :'(

Assalamualaikum,hello there,here are my sad story about my camera,my first camera to be exact...
24/4/2010, was the time where i bought my first camera canon ixus,thanks to my mum for paying more than half of the price. Love you mum and always do.But unfortunately, because of my carelessness, i lost it. I lost it in the flight, from Sydney to Brisbane at 13 July 2010. I accidentally put the camera in the pocket in front of me without taking it back later. The 14th of July, which i still in brisbane,we(my mum,my sis n I) went to the airport and asked for it at the lost and found item. Badly,they said that they did not found it...and i keep on calling the baggage blue at virgin blue,but still the same answer,they did not found it yet... so sad :'( Below is just like the camera of mine but mine is magenta in colour not this orange :( I miss u so much camera...have no idea where u could be :( a lot of memories kept in there...so precious where we cant buy it anywhere.So, moral of the story...please take care of your things properly especially the precious one...

Till we meet again

18 July 2010

I love Malaysia

Assalamualaikum,hye there...alhamdulillah i'm back from australia after spent 3 weeks there and yup, miss Malaysia a lot. I miss the food,the weather,the people here and of course my Family :) Miss u guys a lot and cant wait to see you guys. After spent 2 weeks in Brisbane,3 days in Sydney and also 3 days in Gold Coast, i would like to share something here:

  • Many shops close at 5pm,which is really early compared to Malaysia,the shops close quite late where we can spend more time there :)
  • If you want to go to Sydney for a visit,no need to follow the tour thing... just search for a bus named Hop-on,hop-off which for me is more worth it...this is how the bus look like ;p
  • In Sydney,find Paddy's Market where the price is quite cheap and reasonable compared to other shops,you can find souvenirs,t-shirts, boots and lot more there
  • Try to climb the Storey Bridge in Brisbane or the Harbour Bridge in Sydney where you can see how amazing the view is from the very top of the bridge, i've tried the Harbour Bridge and it was a great experience for me as we climbed many stairs to get to the top and yup,it is not easy as we think of it...According to Guinness World Records, it is the world's widest long-span bridge and it is the tallest steel arch bridge, measuring 134 metres (440 ft) from top to water level. It is also the fifth-longest spanning-arch bridge in the world. Cool huh?
  • For Gold Coast,if you love shopping, Harbour Town is just for you :) for me,the price is quite good IF i dont convert it to RM ,but it is also worth buying them
  • In Gold Coast, try to spend some time to visit their Movie World,Seaworld,Dreamworld and Wet 'n' Wild and you cant really visit them in one day... try to spend one day at every each of the places and you will love it so much. Here i visited Movie World and Seaworld,yup in movie world as i walk in there, i felt like it is just like a dream...there they have harry potter shops, bugs bunny,shrek and many more.... and their seaworld is superb!!!
till we meet again :)

06 July 2010

Brisbane with love :)

Assalamualaikum,hye there,sorry sangat my dear blog sbb dah sgt2 lama x post anythg. Actually i'm in brisbane rite now,till this 18/7...Okay,here are the list that i've achieve as i came here
  • Sejuk,haha
  • Makan kebab je kat sini,of course selain yg my mum masak :)
  • Naik ferry aka Citycat
mase nie tengah tunggu ferry sebenarnye :)
  • i've bought a pyjama
  • jeans at $19 ausd,blue in colour
  • edc's blouse,black in colour
And for yesterday,4th July...our activities are
  • cuddle a koala
comel kan :)
  • fed a kangaroo :)
Yeah, just like a dream come true as i cuddled the koala n played with the kangaroo...they are totally cute and make people geram je.haha,

  • Ate ice-cream at Cold Rock as been introduced by my friend,miss fatin,thx fatin :)
  • Beli bag yg sgt cantik...hehe love that bag so much $15 ausd :)
  • Ha,and also we have went to The Wheel of Brisbane, or some people called it as the Brisbane's Eye :) yeah really huge and magnificent
nie mase ptg :)

nie pulak,nite time :)

me,in it :)

Yeah,what a day... puas but just like something missing,yeah my family...really hope can enjoy it with my BIG family...

ok,i'll tell more bout my kinda holiday here later k,insyaAllah in the next post. Till we meet again