06 July 2010

Brisbane with love :)

Assalamualaikum,hye there,sorry sangat my dear blog sbb dah sgt2 lama x post anythg. Actually i'm in brisbane rite now,till this 18/7...Okay,here are the list that i've achieve as i came here
  • Sejuk,haha
  • Makan kebab je kat sini,of course selain yg my mum masak :)
  • Naik ferry aka Citycat
mase nie tengah tunggu ferry sebenarnye :)
  • i've bought a pyjama
  • jeans at $19 ausd,blue in colour
  • edc's blouse,black in colour
And for yesterday,4th July...our activities are
  • cuddle a koala
comel kan :)
  • fed a kangaroo :)
Yeah, just like a dream come true as i cuddled the koala n played with the kangaroo...they are totally cute and make people geram je.haha,

  • Ate ice-cream at Cold Rock as been introduced by my friend,miss fatin,thx fatin :)
  • Beli bag yg sgt cantik...hehe love that bag so much $15 ausd :)
  • Ha,and also we have went to The Wheel of Brisbane, or some people called it as the Brisbane's Eye :) yeah really huge and magnificent
nie mase ptg :)

nie pulak,nite time :)

me,in it :)

Yeah,what a day... puas but just like something missing,yeah my family...really hope can enjoy it with my BIG family...

ok,i'll tell more bout my kinda holiday here later k,insyaAllah in the next post. Till we meet again


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aqeyLs said...

nice,. famili ak pon baru balik dr aussie. melbourne la btw..

sedey3 xdpt pg. lucky u.:)