15 June 2010

My very first post :p

“The discipline of writing something down is the first step toward making it happen.”

Lee Iacocca quotes

Assalamualaikum...first of all, WOW... finally i have a blog,this is my first post and i kinda excited to do it...for the quotation above, i've taken the first step which is writing something down towards making it happen :) so congratz to me! Before that,special thanks to both my friends, Afiqah Nu'aimi and Azeem for supporting me doing this blog and especially my sister,Zahliya :p,who help me a lot,really appreciate those names suggested by all of you,thanks!

Okay,for my first post,i would like to explain the meaning of ramble as my blog named Rambles by fiqa. Ramble:
1 a : to move aimlessly from place to place b : to explore idly
2 : to talk or write in a desultory or long-winded wandering fashion
3 : to grow or extend irregularly
thanks to Merriam-Webster Dictionary >_<

Yup, i like to explore idly and i would love to share my thoughts about fashion :p. For by fiqa as my blog's name, is by me ^_^

And after thinking about it after quite some time and here we are... Rambles by fiqa :)

InsyaAllah,for the next or other will be coming entries... i would love to talk about myself + some fashion :) that's all for now, till we meet again



Apple Aimi said...

ur welcome my dear. follow me too. hehe

Syafiqa Aiman said...

ok :)