17 June 2010

My wish list :)

Assalamualaikum,hi there...well today i would to share about my wish list and I'm sure everybody have their own too :) I started with these whole idea while searching some photos about clothes and here are my wish list:

Long Cardigan,wear it with jeans and boots,cool huh? About the cardigan,for me,if the cardigan dark in colour,wear something bright colour inside and if the cardigan kinda white in colour,wear something dark inside :) next

Shawl. Yup i love wearing shawl as i have some which i wish, i have more :) My sister taught me al lot about how to wear shawl and not to forget my friends who taught me the same too. Thanks ya. Still remember the first time i wore it, kinda complicated but as i practice and practice,now i'm proudly say that, i'm master wearing it,haha. Okay,next

Coach :)... i wish i could buy this with my own money, yeah and it will be such a satisfaction.Then,

Shoesssssssss.Many type of shoes. I love shoes,thanks to my sister,she gave some of her shoes to me and i really happy about it. Btw,my mum always says that,if you want to buy shoes,try to buy the branded one because it will not only give you the comfort but it will be worth buying it as it will be long lasting and we satisfy with it.

Here we are...one of my wish list,having a lot of handbags haha. Handbags have variety of sizes and shapes. For me, i prefer medium size of handbag which i can put many stuff there,cool huh?

Actually i like slingbag more than handbag because i believe as a teenager,slingbag is more suitable for me... and slingbag can give the impression of "you are younger than you real age" haha,try it and you'll see the different :)

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