23 June 2010

Lead a healthy lifestyle :)

Assalamualaikum,hye there, for today i wanna share bout Lead a healthy lifestyle where we always say that we wanna be healthy but we do the donts,haha so how now? Yup we can talk and do no action,that is our choice rite. As a wise person,must always choose a wise decision :p

1.Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day... sound easy huh,but quite difficult for me to follow. I try my best okay

2.Eat fruit as the "pencuci mulut" aka dessert, but my dad said,actually we must eat fruit before we eat our meal.Yes to smoother our digestive system and to make us feel full without taking a lot of food :) try it and see the different

3.Exercise,to stay fit and healthy we must exercise. 3 times a week and at least for 20 minutes. You will feel the fresh blood that circulate to your whole body...fresh blood? haha i mean blood with full of oxygen :p
4. Smile please =) Just smile to stay young,easy huh? but we are tend to "buat muka masam" than smiling...so,from now on, keep smiling and as we are smiling,people will smile back at us too.

5. No stress. Be happy always and no stress. If you are in stress, just breathe in and out until you feel relax and do something else which can distract you from feeling that way. You can listening to some musics
or cooking? facebooking? haha just anything that will make you distracted okay...

6. Wear socks.Before you sleep,as usual,wash your face, brush your teeth and wear your socks when you are in bed. My parents and my grandmother always remind me to wear socks in bed. This is because, "untuk elak sejuk di malam hari,nenek kate tak payah pakai selimut pun tak pe kalau dah pakai stokin :) ". Now, we cant see the impact of not wearing socks during sleep time,but as we grow older,we will know how we will suffer because of not wearing it...terrified huh? so wear socks la,haha

7. Sleep early. As we sleep early,we will have enough or even more energy to face tomorrow. We will be more energetic and not easily get tired also can avoid dark circle under around our eyes...panda eyes. @-@ And as you sleep early,you will tend to wake up early,yup remember, it's the early bird catches the worm

8.Stay positive...always say positive words and be friend with positive people will make you stay positive okay?

I think that is all for now...till we meet again


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