22 September 2011

When the new semester comes!!!


Wow it's been awhile i dont post any entry. Felt so bad, this is because i've started my new semester already. So yup, new place and the wifi seems so slow :(

A lot of things to settle due to the new semester. Again, felt so bad for my pity little blog. So tadaaaa, picturesss!

New semester, equals to...

A NEW Place, the view from my NEW faculty

NEW Faculty's building

The view of the NEW faculty

NEW Lecture Hall

Those NEW chairs and everything

NEW place to sleep = my NEW room :D

NEW study table, it's not new, but just new for me :P LOL

Using NEW Mug :D

NEW Calculator :( this is all because i could find my old one :(

NEW Books? Nope!!! But guess what, all the green labels are LAW BOOKS!

New semester, new goals, new challenge!!! So all the best Syafiqa! Will try my very best to get an excellent result for this semester and also, to update my blog :D

Till we meet again,

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

brand new you..? hakhak...

gudlak ko utk ur study. got ur new spirit yeh..!!