23 August 2011

Maaduu, let's go to Korea :D


Maaduu. I'm sure all of you may hear of this name rite? Today i would love to write special entry about Maaddu. Here is the quick review taken from facebook, from maaduu's page itself.

"Maaduu is a FREE & LEGAL Premium Korean TV channel for the best of K-dramas and the latest K-POP videos on-demand. Watch online anytime you want, 100% FREE! "

What? For FREE??? Yup you see it clearly as it stated there for FREE! Which you can enjoy like tonnes of selected Korean TV channel. Cool rite?

Why maaduu?

"Maaduu is a stylised representation of 'Madu' which means 'Honey' - We believe viewers will be attracted 'like bees to honey' and enjoy Maaduu continually. "

Actually this is the best part of all. Guess what, you can actually win a FREE ticket to Korea just by apply 4 simple steps!!! You also can win a free exclusive Maaduu t-shirt.

I'm so excited to talk about this.

Step 1. Register as a member here, at www.maaduu.com

Step 2. Just email your details below to WinterSonata@maaduu.com
  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Mobile / Home Contact Number
  • Full Mailing Address
  • Preferred t-shirt size (Male / Female)
  • One last thing, remember to tell us "WHY YOU LOVE MAADUU". Email your answer to WinterSonata@maaduu.com

Step 3. Watch as many FREE Korean dramas at maaduu, as you want.

Step 4. Pick up the phone when maaduu phone you and select you as the WINNER!!!(Really hope i will get the call :D)

Join now! Contest starts 1st August 2011, ends 1st October 2011

Simple rite?

For more info, do go to www.maaduu.com or their facebook page HERE

I really hope i will win the ticket! Btw,I'm actually enjoying myself watching Spy Myeong-Wol. Love it so much as the story is about a spy who must do a certain task, and end up falling in love with the target which is the actor :D

That's all for now.

Till we meet again,


juwairiah jamaludin said...

spy myeong-wol!!!xD

Syafiqa said...

waaaa jue pun tengok gak ke?best kan :D

juwairiah jamaludin said...

mestila.heheh.best!kite suke hero kedua.kacak bergaya..!^^

Anonymous said...

spy myeongwol gler best.!!! su tgk kat kbs jer..

ermm..jrg tgk citer kat maadu. bese layan kat viikii.. xpun dramacrazy.. ;)

Syafiqa said...

Jj; oo yeke, kite suka hero dia, lawak pun ada. Cuma dasyat gak kan, sanggup wat ape je task utk bangsa n negara, ermm cite2 :P

cik sue ;) kbs? ooo, start tau cite tu sbb maaduu :D kat viikii? ermm kene explore tu, tq :D