31 August 2011

Nuffnang Celebrates BlogDay!


Ok, this is gonna be the most excited entry of all :D As you all know, today, nuffnang celebrates blogday! And i've spotted 6 blogs that really makes me fall in love with their entries :D Actually, i've selected the blog that i love based on my interest itself, as i love creative stuff like sketches of comic characters, shopping, make up, family, traveling, food, cats, yup it's a lot :D

1. tangan punya kerja - This blog is like my favourite must read blog. She is a Malaysian Blogger. I've read all of her entries and really love them ALL! Why? Because, it's so hilarious the way she expressed the story and not to forget, almost every entry, there will be a picture that drawn by herself. I really love her masterpiece, as for me, it's so cute and so creative :D I really enjoy reading her blog and sometimes i can laugh until there's tears came out from my eyes :D These are some of her masterpiece that i love, and walaaa

Such a cute sketching rite? Doraemon!

Haha, naughty :D

Amazing, rite?

2. Vivacious Blog - First of all,like i mention above, i like make ups, so this blog really suit my needs :D. vivacious blog is about many tips on how to look great for girls, like the way you make ups, hair style, skin cares and also manicure. I would be really excited to recommend this blog to everyone especially who LOVES make up!

3. Caline and Frere- This blog is about The Story of Two French Cats. I love cats, and this blog really makes me more crazier about cats. Those cats are so cute, adorable and makes people cry for not having them. I just read this blog recently and found out, it's interesting as i tell us about how they spend their days with those cute cats! Written by a French's blogger :D


They know how to play hide and seek i guess ;)

4. Athirah Zaki - She is my cousin :D so of course a Malaysian blogger. She do write about her family(harmony topic to talk about rite?), like how they spent their time together by going here and there, shopping. Also she write about the food that she like, what she been thinking and share her favourite songs too. What i love about this blog is, the feeling of her family, the harmony, the warmest of their love :D

5. Berhati-hatilah - In english, means be careful. But dont be shocked as this blog have some music background. This blog been recommended by one of my friend, Anwar. Thanks Anwar. About this blog, he talks about religion . Yup, as a muslim, Islam is the way of life. What i love about this blog, here, i can find doa, advises, religious story and lots more related to Islam. I believe by those advises and doa, we can be a better person in future :D

And the last blog but not the least :D

6. Don't Harsh My Mellow - This blog i found it interesting as she talk about her routine. Simple but have a very colourful story. I love shopping, fashion, that's why i love to read her story as she talk about those :D She is a Malaysian blogger, love Juicy Couture like me and both of us have those handbags :D You can find her story also about her friends, traveling and like everything.

Yup, thats all about the 6 new blogs(for me :D), that interest me the most. So
  • Happy Blog Day 2011 for bloggers all over the world!
  • Happy Independence Day! and
  • Salam Aidilfitri! :D
Till we meet again,


IMANSHAH said...

image merdeka raya google terbaik ar

Syafiqa said...

erkk, nie komen berkaitan entri gambar raya ek? haha

Pandora`s Box said...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful information. I shall check some of these out. Happy Eid.

Syafiqa said...

Most welcome, yeah sure :D happy eid too

MissSyaz said...

tangan punya kerja is a total fun and vivacious is indeed useful. like! and tx for d recmendation. :)

Syafiqa said...

MissSyaz; most welcome, glad that you like it too :D

vertu said...

Thank you soooooo much darling..:)
Love your blog too. <3

Syafiqa said...

vertu; glad you like it :D most welcome :D feel free to visit my blog.

Caline and Frère said...

Thanks for writing about us! We love what you wrote! And we're very happy to know that you like our story so much!!!

faten osman said...

thanx fiqa :DD
glad to noe u like my blog
here a simple present for u